Thursday, July 31, 2008

Soda Bottle Watering Well

WaterWell1-cropped-Hi Res

McNaughton Inc
brings out the Soda Bottle Watering Well turns an empty plastic soda bottle into a "drinking fountain" for wild birds. Birds love water! Offering a source of water can increase the number of wild birds you attract to your yard. Kit includes Watering Tray, Net, and Hanger (you provide the bottle).


PJ said...

I like the idea of this, a lot. But I'm in the austral USA and we grow a lot of yucky green stuff in our bird baths. I'm wondering, since no one would be bathing in it, if it would stay clean for any length of time.

birdchick said...

Not sure about that one, PJ. Have you ever tried Bird Bath Protector from Care Free Enzymes in your bird baths? It's a natural way of keep baths from getting too much yucky build up with harming the birds.