Monday, July 7, 2008

Mealworm Shortage

Have you been able to get any mealworms lately?

You're not alone, most of the country from reptile owners, to wildlife rehabbers, to hardcore bluebird trail monitors are having a tough time finding live mealworms. So what happened?

Rita Smith of New York Worms answered, "It is because many of the larger growers had crop failures this spring and there is just not enough to go around now."

When asked to clarify what caused the crop failure with the "larger growers" no answer was given. I contacted The Bug Company in Minnesota, the representative said that their supplier in California who produces 70% of the mealworms for mealworm companies across the country is unable to grow them. The supplier starts them and then all the mealworms die. At this point the supplier isn't sure what the cause is for the failure to grow. Is it the bran that they are grown in? Is it a virus? No one seems to know at this point. I asked the representative for the name of the supplier and the Bug Company rep said that she was unable to give it out but would pass my questions and contact info on to their supplier to contact me.

Like many in the birding industry, I'm still waiting for an answer.


Gillian said...

Hello, we are Rainbow Mealworms, the 'supplier' in California that had the big shortage this last year.

We just wanted tell our bird watching friends we know that it was tough for you during the mealworm shortage this last year. We love having you as our customers, because you do so much out of the goodness of your hearts to keep our avian wildlife in America thriving and healthy.

Please visit our site and use coupon code NOV1000WORMS to get 1000 free bulk mealworms with any order. We're hoping to give away a million free worms this month!

Rustam Sayal said...

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