Thursday, January 31, 2008

Woodstream Offers New Feeders

In an effort to bring art to form and function, Woodstream is introducing two Sip & Seed seed and water feeders. These very unique feeders are constructed of opposing silos that hang from a decorative scroll hook. Each silo is equipped to serve either seed or water.

The Copper Sip & Seed (pictured above) is made of glass and antiqued copper. Both of the silos have a patent-pending collar that twists to feature a seed opening or a water opening, allowing the consumer to serve seed and water. If you live in northern climates and the water could freeze in the winter, both silos can offer only seed.

The Garden Sip & Seed (pictured above) is a lower price point version, constructed of durable plastic. It features silos that have interchangeable bases, to serve either seed and/or water. So like the Copper model, the Garden Sip & Seed can be set up to serve seed and water, two silos of seed, or two silos of water.

Both Sip & Seed feeders were launched at the 2008 Bird Watch America show and will be available in retail outlets beginning in April 2008.

Monday, January 21, 2008


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