Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wisconsin DNR Warns Against Summer Bird Feeding

There is a very unfortunate press release put out by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says some feeders can accidentally kill other wildlife such as raccoons and skunks and even bear cubs.

The agency points to two cases in northwestern Wisconsin where bear cubs got their heads stuck in feeders while searching for food. In one case the cub's mother freed it. In the other, agency workers had to tranquilize the mother and cub and then remove the feeder.

DNR Wildlife Technician Robert Hanson says people shouldn't feed birds or any other animals during the summer. They know how to forage for themselves well enough. He warned that if people insist on feeders, they should be on strong poles at least 8 feet high.

It's interesting that just because of two bear cubs getting stuck, the Wisconsin DNR suddenly finds bird feeders are dangerous to raccoons and skunks as well. Now is the time for bird stores to take a proactive role and promote well made feeders that do not injure wildlife.

While bear information is helpful, it would be nice if the person issuing this statement actually knew a little bit about bird feeding instead of putting out an inaccurate blanket statement. Now is the time for bird stores to take an active role in promoting well made feeders that do not

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Ripley Guy said...

The Department of DNR in Wisconsin published in their own book, Wild About Birds, that is was OK to feed year round.

I would like to know what type of feeder the bears, and other wildlife are getting stuck in. That's the one I'd discontinue.