Monday, May 25, 2009

Revised Woodworking For Wildlife

The popular how to build a bird house book known as Woodworking For Wildlife has been revised. The new edition includes more photos and plans for more varieties of species. The 164 page book includes over 300 photos of the houses and critters that use them.

Over 90,000 copies of this book have been sold since it first came out in 1995. It's written by Carrol Henderson of the Minnesota DNR, but includes plans or species all over the United States. The plans include the traditional species like chickadees, bluebirds, and wren, but there are also plans for dipper nests, bumblebee nests, toads, and flying squirrels as well as the latest on tweaks for designs like the nesting platform of the common loon.

The book retails for $16.95. Contact your book supplier for details on ordering.

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Ripley Guy said...

This book has been part of our store training for new employees ever since it was published.

It is awesome since most of our clientele are backyard birders and are seeking this level of information.