Monday, February 25, 2008

The Seed Hoop

Many customers have asked for it: "Isn't there any thing I can put under the feeder to catch all the seed that birds kick out?"

Well someone has invented it! Introducing the Seed Hoop--a 30” diameter base made of lightweight exterior grade vinyl-coated fiberglass mesh which catches spilled seed but allows water to drain and seeds to dry.

The unexpected benefit is that birds appear to enjoy using it as an extra large tray feeder--one last chance at the food before it falls to the ground. The hoop is available to fit on a feeder mounted onto a pole or free hanging feeder. The product was designed by a couple in Utah and has been a hit at local bird stores. However, the product has not been hard tested against squirrels. Only one squirrel has been documented feeding on the hoop--on the upside, the hoop was able to take the weight, however how will the product stand up to the savvy eastern squirrels?

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NW Nature Nut said...

This is another nice way to cut down on the mess. I worry that the wind will blow it out. We also sell the "Bird Bib" and I have had a reall good experience with it in my yard.